Please find enclosed the Parents Charter PDF form,  which needs to be printed out, read and signed prior to starting any sessions with Codex360. These are the standards, policies of making bookings with us. Many thanks 


What is Codex360 all about?

The information below outlines how we (you as parents, your child and the Codex360 team) come up with a programme that best suits your child.

Initial Contact

Please call us on 0876189053 to discuss with us what your concerns/issues may be, and your reasons for contacting us. We will happily make time and talk to you as it's part of our philosophy to "listen with respect" and to give advice if needs be.


The questionnaire is sent to you after we have made contact by telephone. Then by telephone we go through the questionnaire together. This takes 30 minutes or so.

Initial Consultation & Assessment

This face to face appointment will last one to two hours where we all meet each other  to discuss the questionnaire, discuss everybody's thoughts and views of current day-to-day issues that you are experiencing. During this consultation we would also do a full assessment with the parents present at our facility

The Plan Ahead

This is where we put all the information together and then discuss our suggested intervention with our team and what is involved in the home based programme.