We use S.T.O.P with the children within our programme who struggle in the classroom sometimes.

A remedy we use is using the school ruler they have in school.

At the back of the ruler we put down S.T.O.P to help them when they may struggle/ panic/ have low self esteem/ worry about a task.

When they do they sat STOP in their heads. They look at the back of their ruler and slowly they go through each letter.

S --- STOP --- just sit quitely and relax . Take a few deep breaths and just chill out for a second.

T --- THINK --- think what the task is and think it through slowly , step by step. By going through it slowly, see if you can work out the issue yourself.

O --- OBSERVE --- look at the teacher or the board and look at the question / task again and break it down. Read it slowly and observe what the question is asking ? OBSERVE the other children and see what they are actually doing ! Can you see what they are doing ? Can you copy it ?

P --- PROCEED - proceed to carry on with your work or proceed to ask the teacher for help !

By using this system you are giving yourself a pathway to solve your own problems . Enjoy and go for it .

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