The importance of learning motor skills ?

What are these skills so important ?

So many parents thin that learning motor skills are ALL about creating/making/ producing an athletic child who can participate in sports .

They are NOT all about sports !

The development of fine motor skills (small, precise movements) is important to the journey of becoming more independent. If a child has trouble with certain aspects of fine or gross motor skills then they are less likely to engage in that activity in the future, which can have a negative effect on their self-esteem. As we all know from our own childhoods that self esteem and self confidence are key ingredients to a happy and positive upbringing.

Developing a child's motor skills or and fundamental movement skills between the ages of 5 - 13 years old are critical in our view

A child who suffers with low self esteem misses out on so many opportunities and feels that they may fail or not be successful and then they may be seen to be different within their peer groups.

Within my Masters on SLD's self esteem is a key component within children who have specific learning difficulties and one way of helping children is MAKING SURE that they are successful at certain tasks but importantly given feedback.

Underdeveloped motor skills or development at a slower pace than normal can be a sign of a motor skill dysfunction, learning disability, or an underlying health issue. If you think your child is not developing typically, it is best to consult a specialist. We at Codex360 usually meet up with children / parents after they have had an clinical assessment . When we meet, then the most important factor for us is developing a connection.

We at Codex360 do believe that all skills are learnt so therefore a child can learn. They may be barriers in the way but our system allows a child time to try new tasks in a fun, friendly, comfortable environment where mistakes and errors are part of the process and individually we build a child's self esteem and self worth through the intervention process.

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